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Love your family

A man returned from work, always tired and nervous, and his young son was waiting at the door. – Dad, can I ask you something? “Of course, what is that?” – What salary do you get? “This is not your job.” The father frowned, and why did you ask me about such a thing? – I just want to know, please tell me, how much will you get in an hour? “If you want to know – 20 dollars  … “Oh …” the child thought, “Daddy, can you give me 10 dollars?” “If you want money from me to buy a stupid toy or some other stupidity,” the father said, “go to your room and sleep, how can you be such an egoist? I work all day and I’m so tired, and you’re dealing with such things … The child went quietly to his room and closed the door. The father sat down and, though angry, he thought about his son’s questions. After about an hour, a little quieter, he wondered if this money needed something important … It was only 10 dollars and often the child does not ask for money. The father went to the kindergarten. – Do not you sleep? He asked. “No father, you just lie,” said the boy. “I’m sorry, I had a hard day and I was pretty rough with you,” the father said. – Here, take the money you want. The child smiled. – Oh, Dad, thank you! He exclaimed with joy. Then he entered the pillow and took out several more wrinkled banknotes. Seeing that the child had more money, the father frowned again. And the child gathered the banknotes, carefully counting them, and looked at his father. “Why do you want money after you get it?” the father asked. “Because they were not enough. But I will understand it now. – responded to the child – Dad, here is 20 dollars. Can I buy an hour of my time? Please come to work tomorrow because I want you to have dinner with me and mom. The father was broken. He embraced his little son and asked for forgiveness. It is just a reminder to all of us who work so much and give us much of our time and energy for things that are not the most important in life … and unfortunately, quite often, nervous and weary, we neglect and do harm of your loved ones who forget what is really important to us … We should not forget the time without spending enough time on the people who really matter to us for those in our hearts. Because if we die tomorrow, the company we are working on will only replace us in a few days, but our relatives and friends that we will leave will feel a gap from our loss to the end of our lives. Because in life, not in money or work, the time spent with the people we love is really valuable!



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