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Better life



1. Principle of the mirror
Before you judge others, pay attention to yourself.

2. Principle of pain
The insulted person himself is insulting others.

3. The principle of the high part of the road
We move to a higher level when we start to treat others better than they do with us.

4. Boomerang principle
When we help others, we help ourselves.

5. Principle of hammer
Never use a hammer to kill a mosquito on your interlocutor’s forehead.

6. Exchange principle
Instead of putting others in their place, try putting them in their place.

7. Principle of training
Everyone we meet is potentially able to teach us something.

8. Principle of charisma
People are interested in someone who is interested in them.

9. Principle of the 10 points
Belief in the good qualities of people makes them show their good qualities.

10. Principle of confrontation
First you have to take care of the people and then come into a confrontation with them.

11. Principle of the scale
Trust – this is the foundation of loving relationships.

12. Elevation principle
In the process of relationship you can raise people to the top or drop them to the bottom.

13. The Principle of Situations
Never let the situation mean more to you than relationships.


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