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When someone is away from you, the worst is that you do not know , if you miss him, or he forgets you.Choose the way of your heart,choose the LOVE .... Life without her does not cost.Lets not take anything to someone or hurt just because someone else has taken away something  or hurt us… Continue reading Love….

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Better life

  1. Principle of the mirror Before you judge others, pay attention to yourself. 2. Principle of pain The insulted person himself is insulting others. 3. The principle of the high part of the road We move to a higher level when we start to treat others better than they do with us. 4. Boomerang… Continue reading Better life

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Love your family

A man returned from work, always tired and nervous, and his young son was waiting at the door. - Dad, can I ask you something? "Of course, what is that?" - What salary do you get? "This is not your job." The father frowned, and why did you ask me about such a thing? -… Continue reading Love your family

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How to forgive someone Remember what forgiveness involves. You are not condoning the wrong or acting as if it never happened—you are simply letting it go. Recognize the benefits of forgiving. Letting go of anger and resentment can help you to keep calm, improve your health, and increase your happiness Even more important, forgiving others is a key… Continue reading forgive…