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Follow yourself

Each one of us has dreams and goals!!!! Each one of us strives to be better and brave in his actions and decisions. The scareds  are limited, they are the fruit of our imagination. Believing that we can succeed we make a step towards our future success. I can not or do not want! Anyone… Continue reading Follow yourself

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Better life

  1. Principle of the mirror Before you judge others, pay attention to yourself. 2. Principle of pain The insulted person himself is insulting others. 3. The principle of the high part of the road We move to a higher level when we start to treat others better than they do with us. 4. Boomerang… Continue reading Better life

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I’m an ocean, because I’m really deep.

Have you ever been focused on listening the ocean waves ? just standing on the beach and to free your mind and relax ... some of you ever thought why those waves are coming almost every second to the land? just think about the moment when the water meets the land and creates those amazing… Continue reading I’m an ocean, because I’m really deep.