Just do what you feel!


It’s no secret that we’re creatures of habit, but what so many people fail to realize is just how powerfully those habits are ingrained into our brains, and thus, our way of life. This is particularly true in periods of intense fear, because habits often serve as vehicles of escape.  When I’m afraid, I’m usually stuck. When I feel stuck, one of the first questions I ask is this: why are you afraid? That’s right: I’ll literally ask myself that, out loud. When I do that I invariably find that the fear begins to subside, because I see that my fear is irrational 99% of the time. If I’m in a period of particular distress, I’ll take this a step further: I’ll ask myself why I’m doing everything I do.Try this for a day. As you proceed to do anything, ask yourself: why am I doing this? It will seem annoying and tedious at first, but it will be incredibly revealing. You’ll be alerted to where you tend to procrastinate (which is often just a manifestation of fear), you’ll identify choices you’re not even aware you’re making, and you’ll become more mindful immediately. This mindfulness will lead to a greater sense of awareness, stronger self-reliance, and an ability to see how ludicrous fear really is so much of the time. Placeholder Image